How to download and install BC.Game mobile app

The BC.Game mobile application is exactly the same as the desktop version of the website and can be installed in several steps. Enjoy 10,000+ games anywhere and anytime, because your smartphone is always with you.

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Exploring the mobile version of BC.Game

BC.Game Philippines embraces a mobile-first strategy by providing a highly optimized mobile version of its platform, sidestepping the need for dedicated iOS or Android applications. This strategic choice ensures that players can dive into their favorite casino games and sports betting activities directly through the web browser of their smartphones or tablets, eliminating the necessity to download and install extra software. The mobile site is engineered to preserve the complete functionality found in the desktop version, including an expansive selection of games, secure transaction methods, and comprehensive customer support services.

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Requirements to install BC.Game app

BC.Game primarily offers a highly optimized mobile web version of its platform, allowing users to access the casino and sports betting features directly through their mobile browser without the need for a standalone app. This approach ensures compatibility across a wide range of devices and operating systems, including Android and iOS, by adapting to their respective specifications. For users accessing BC.Game through a mobile browser, here are general guidelines to ensure a smooth experience.

For Android users

  • Operating system. Ensuring your device runs on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later will generally provide a better experience with web applications due to improved security and performance features in newer versions.
  • Storage space. Although the web version doesn’t require app installation, having at least 100 MB of free storage space is recommended to handle cache and temporary data efficiently.
  • Permissions. accessing BC.Game through a mobile browser may require permissions such as internet connectivity and GPS (for location-based regulatory compliance).

For iOS users:

  • Operating system. Similar to Android, there’s no dedicated iOS app for BC.Game, but using devices with iOS 11.0 or later will ensure compatibility and smoother operation with web-based platforms.
  • Storage space. A minimum of 100 MB of free storage space is also advisable for iOS users to ensure optimal performance of web applications and to accommodate temporary files.
  • Permissions. The web version on iOS may request permissions for internet access and location services to function correctly and comply with regulatory standards.

How to install the mobile app on Android

To effortlessly install the BC.Game mobile web version and establish a home screen shortcut for swift access on your Android device, adhere to these steps.

  1. Initiate your web browser. Begin by opening Google Chrome or another preferred web browser on your Android device.
  2. Access BC.Game. Type the BC.Game website URL into your browser’s address field and proceed to the website’s homepage.
  3. Create quick access. Once the BC.Game site is fully visible, tap on the browser’s menu icon, typically depicted by three vertical dots or a gear symbol, situated in the upper right corner. Browse the menu selections and choose “Add to Home screen.” You’ll be invited to assign a name to the shortcut for easier recognition. After naming it, hit “Add,” and the shortcut will appear on your home screen.
  4. Launch BC.Game. With this setup, BC.Game is now readily accessible from your home screen, mimicking an app-like interface within your web browser, thus enabling quick and efficient entry to the BC.Game gaming platform.
  5. Manage your profile. Whether you’re an existing member with BC.Game or a newcomer intending to register, you can seamlessly manage your account right from the mobile site, ensuring a fluid gaming experience across various devices.

How to install the mobile app on iOS

Accessing BC.Game on an iOS gadget without the need for app installation from the App Store is achievable by creating a mobile web app. Follow this streamlined protocol.

  1. Initiate Safari. Begin by launching Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Safari’s superior compatibility with iOS makes it the ideal choice for this procedure.
  2. Navigate to BC.Game. Enter BC.Game’s website address in Safari’s search bar to reach the official page.
  3. Establish a home screen shortcut. Within the BC.Game webpage, press the share icon situated at Safari’s window bottom, depicted as a square with an upward arrow. Skim through the menu until you locate the “Add to Home Screen” option and select it. You will be prompted to label the shortcut for effortless identification; after naming it, click “Add” at the dialog box’s upper right to finalize the setup.
  4. Shortcut utilization. A new icon resembling an app will appear on your home screen, facilitating direct BC.Game access through Safari with a mere tap whenever the urge to play arises.
  5. Account management. For existing BC.Game members, simply log in with your established credentials. Prospective members can register directly via the mobile site to kick-start their gaming journey.

Why the mobile version and not the app

Choosing a mobile version of a platform like BC.Game over a dedicated app offers several strategic benefits and resolves common implementation challenges. Here’s why a mobile version might be preferred.

  • Global access. The mobile version is universally accessible across different types of smartphones and operating systems, eliminating the need for multiple versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc. This broad compatibility ensures that users from various technological backgrounds can access the platform without restrictions.
  • Store agnostic. Given the stringent regulations of app stores, certain apps may face limitations or outright denial in specific regions. A mobile version sidesteps these hurdles, offering much wider access without the need for approval from various app stores, which can significantly expedite the availability of the service in different markets.
  • Real-time updates. Updates to a mobile site can be implemented and made live instantly, removing the need for users to manually download updates from an app store. This ensures that all users have access to the latest features, security enhancements, and bug fixes without any action required on their part.
  • No additional installation required. The absence of a need to install an app addresses storage limitations on users’ devices, a common barrier to app adoption. This approach also circumvents compatibility issues that can arise with the diverse range of device models and operating systems, ensuring a more seamless user experience.
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New offer for Filipinos, x12 on the first 4 deposits for an extremely easy start at BC.Game.
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How to log in to BC.Game from the mobile application

BC.Game prioritizes user accessibility and convenience, opting for a mobile-optimized web platform over a dedicated app. This choice ensures players can enjoy a seamless gaming experience across various devices simply using a web browser. Here’s a streamlined guide to accessing and logging into BC.Game from your mobile device.

  1. Open the app shortcut. If you’ve added BC.Game to your home screen, tap on the shortcut to launch the platform directly through your web browser. This method provides an app-like experience without the need for a dedicated application.
  2. Locate the sign in button. Upon loading the BC.Game site, identify the “Sign in” button, typically situated in the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Input your login credentials. Select the “Sign in” button to be prompted for your account details. Enter the username or email and the password you’ve set up for your BC.Game account.
  4. Complete additional verification. For accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled, a further step will be required to enter a verification code from your authentication app or received via SMS, according to your security preferences.
  5. Access your account. Following the successful entry of your login information (and 2FA code, if necessary), you’ll have full access to your BC.Game account. You’re now ready to explore the available games, initiate deposits, engage in betting, or proceed with withdrawals as desired.

How to make your first deposit through the app

Navigating the deposit process on BC.Game through a mobile-optimized website is remarkably streamlined, ensuring accessibility across various mobile web browsers. Here’s a detailed walkthrough to facilitate your initial deposit on BC.Game using a mobile device.

How safe is the mobile version of BC.Game

Such core security measures of BC.Game have been outlined below on the mobile, designed by keeping an eye on security and protection, thus enabling users to provide them a peaceful environment of gaming. Further, enshrined below are core security measures on the BC.Game mobile.

How to uninstall the BC.Game app

For Android

  • Find the shortcut. After adding BC.Game to your home screen, you’ll be able to find the shortcut either on the home screen or in the app drawer—whichever you put it first.
  • Delete the shortcut. Press and hold the shortcut icon until a menu appears or the icon becomes draggable. Your operating system may have a delete shortcut, or you may have to drag the icon to a “Remove” or “Trash” area on your screen. In fact, that does vary ever so slightly depending on the particular Android device and version of the operating system.
  • Confirm removal. If prompted, confirm that you indeed want to remove the shortcut.

For iOS

  • Find the shortcut. Navigate to your home screen to locate the BC.Game web app icon.
  • Enter jiggle mode. Long-press on any app icon until all app icons start jiggling up and down. On recent iOS, there might be an option to “Edit Home Screen” in the quick action menu which comes up.
  • Delete the shortcut. Press the minus (“-“) or “Remove” icon on the side of the BC.Game logo and hit “Delete” or “Remove” from the home screen to confirm deletion.
  • Exit jiggle mode. For iPhone X and later, tap the “done” button at the top right of the screen; for older models, tap the home button.


Are the bonuses offered on the desktop version of BC.Game still valid when I access it through the mobile version?

Every bonus showcased on the desktop variant of BC.Game remains valid and obtainable through its mobile counterpart. This encompasses welcoming bonuses, deposit incentives, and any exclusive promotions or propositions. BC.Game is committed to delivering a uniform user experience across all platforms, guaranteeing identical access to bonuses, games, and features, irrespective of the device utilized for site access.

If I already have an account on the desktop version of BC.Game, do I need to register again to use the mobile version?

Should you possess an account on the desktop version of BC.Game, there is no requirement to re-register for mobile use. Merely sign in with your existing account details (username and password) on the mobile variant to access your profile. Account information, wallet balance, and game achievements are flawlessly synchronized across desktop and mobile interfaces, facilitating effortless device transition.

Is the game selection on the mobile version of BC.Game the same as on the desktop version?

Regarding game selection, the mobile version of BC.Game mirrors the desktop version precisely. You gain access to an extensive variety of games, including slots, table games, live casino encounters, and BC.Game exclusive titles. The games are fine-tuned for mobile engagement, ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming experience on your device.

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