All available BC.Game bonuses

BC.Game has an extensive bonus system: registration bonus, deposit bonus, referral bonus, Lucky Spin, cashback, daily and weekly tasks, and promo codes. Find out about all the possible ways to increase the RTP of slots with bonuses.

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Promo code for Welcome bonus when registering at BC.Game

The 180% First Deposit Bonus from BC.Game is designed for newcomers, hence preparing a very warm welcome atmosphere and increasing the initial fund of the newcomers toward the enrichment of the gaming journey right from the very start.

Open an account and deposit, considering the minimum amount of deposit that will warrant the eligibility for the bonus and fulfilling strictly the criteria required by the offer.

How to claim the 180% first deposit bonus

  • Registration. Start by creating a BC.Game account through the registration process.
  • First deposit. Make your first deposit, adhering to the minimum deposit criterion specified in the bonus terms.
  • Bonus acquisition. Upon your deposit, the 180% bonus will be issued to your account in accordance with the bonus terms.
  • Satisfy conditions. Fulfill with due diligence all the required conditions of wagering or any other condition stipulated to enjoy the benefit in totality.
As much as 1200% bonus for the first 4 deposits!
New offer for Filipinos, x12 on the first 4 deposits for an extremely easy start at BC.Game.
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Special offer for 300% bonus instead of 180% for Philippines

BC.Game has unveiled an alluring promotional deal specifically for newcomers, including those hailing from the Philippines: a remarkable 300% bonus on the initial deposit, a significant leap from the usual 180%, on the condition that the deposit is made within a mere 7 minutes of account registration. This initiative is designed to prompt new users to swiftly embark on their gaming adventures immediately following sign-up.

Understanding the 300% special offer

As much as 1200% bonus for the first 4 deposits!
New offer for Filipinos, x12 on the first 4 deposits for an extremely easy start at BC.Game.
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Bonus system for the first 4 deposits

BC.Game introduces a compelling bonus arrangement for the initial four deposits by new players, aimed at enriching their gaming journey from the outset. This tiered bonus framework is meticulously crafted to incrementally reward players, significantly elevating their gaming capital across multiple deposits.

Lucky Spin

BC.Game enhances player engagement through its Lucky Spin feature, offering a unique opportunity for users to win additional rewards, including cryptocurrencies and various bonuses. This exciting addition not only augments playtime but also provides players with extra funds to explore the wide range of gaming experiences available on the platform.

How to make the most of the Lucky Spin at BC.Game

  1. Log in required. The Lucky Spin is exclusively available to registered members of BC.Game, ensuring that only active participants can access this feature.
  2. Locating the Lucky Spin. While the Lucky Spin feature might not be immediately apparent, it is designed to be easily found and attract attention, typically situated within the casino’s menu or prominently displayed on the toolbar at the top of the homepage.
  3. Initiate the spin. Eligible players receive one complimentary spin each day. To take your spin, simply click the “Start” button and watch as the wheel spins, anticipating your reward.
  4. Claiming your prize. As the wheel comes to a stop, your prize is revealed instantaneously, with potential rewards ranging from minor amounts of cryptocurrency to larger bonuses intended for use on the platform.

Insights to enhance your experience

Referral bonus for a friend

The BC.Game referral bonus program is ingeniously structured to incentivize current players for bringing new members into the fold, offering rewards to both the referrer and the newly introduced member. This strategy effectively enhances the BC.Game community, leveraging the influence of personal endorsements.

Understanding the referral bonus mechanism

Coco Bonus

The Coco Bonus is a unique and engaging feature offered by BC.Game to its users, especially appealing to those who have reached VIP14 status. This feature incorporates an element of surprise and rewards within the gaming experience, fostering user engagement and loyalty. 

Understanding the Coco Bonus

How to Maximize the Coco Bonus

Raining Bonus

The Raining Bonus is an innovative feature offered by BC.Game, designed to enhance user interaction and reward active participation within the platform’s chat rooms. This bonus fosters a vibrant community spirit by incentivizing players to engage in conversations throughout the day. 

Overview of the Raining Bonus

  • Active participation reward. The Raining Bonus rewards players for actively participating in chat conversations on BC.Game. It’s a way to earn free coins simply by being part of the community dialogue.
  • Frequency of rewards. Every 6 hours, six players who are level 4 or higher and have been active in the chat room are randomly selected to receive the bonus. This regular interval ensures multiple opportunities for players to win throughout the day.
  • Currency variation. The bonus amount may vary depending on the specific cryptocurrencies supported by BC.Game. Players can receive rewards in different currencies, adding an element of variety to the bonus.

Rules for the Raining Bonus

  • Player eligibility. To be eligible for the Raining Bonus, players must be at VIP level 4 or above. 
  • Random selection by algorithm. Winners are chosen through a Rain algorithm, which randomly selects players based on their chat activity. The more messages a player sends, the higher their probability of being rewarded. 
  • Announcement via chat room robots: Information about the Rain Bonus, including the announcement of winners, is communicated directly in the chat room through automated messages from robots.
As much as 1200% bonus for the first 4 deposits!
New offer for Filipinos, x12 on the first 4 deposits for an extremely easy start at BC.Game.
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Daily and weekly tasks

BC.Game incorporates Daily and Weekly Tasks as part of its user engagement and rewards strategy, offering players additional ways to earn rewards while enjoying their favorite games. These tasks are designed to motivate players to explore different games and maintain active participation on the platform. 

Daily missions

Daily missions are tasks that reset every day, providing players with new challenges and opportunities to earn rewards.

  • Wheel master. Achieve a winning streak of 3 rounds in the Wheel game with bets greater than $0.4. Successfully completing this task rewards players for their skill and luck in this specific game.
  • Baccarat multiplayer master. Secure a winning streak of 3 rounds in Baccarat Multiplayer with bets greater than $0.4. This mission encourages players to engage with the multiplayer aspect of Baccarat, adding a social element to the gaming experience.
  • Video poker master. Obtain a winning streak of 3 rounds in Video Poker with bets greater than $0.4. Video Poker enthusiasts can aim for this achievement as a testament to their strategic play.

Weekly mission

The Weekly mission offers a longer-term goal for players to work towards over the course of a week.

  • Wager week:.The objective is to reach a cumulative bet total of $700 across all games within the week. This mission rewards consistent play and encourages exploration of various games offered on BC.Game.

Key points to remember

Other no deposit bonuses

BC.Game pioneers in offering no deposit bonuses through innovative avenues like cashbacks and lottery draws, reflecting its dedication to innovation and a player-focused approach. These bonuses are thoughtfully crafted to allure new players and commend the loyalty and active participation of existing members, particularly those ascending the ranks within the VIP hierarchy. Delving into the dynamics of these bonuses unveils the substantial advantages they contribute to the gaming experience on the platform.


At BC.Game, cashbacks emerge as a pivotal feature, notably for players who have attained VIP Level 22 or above. This mechanism is devised to honor and reward players for their dedication and wagering activities on the platform by reimbursing a fraction of their stakes.


BC.Game ingeniously reimagines the classic lottery for the digital age, embracing cryptocurrencies. This inventive twist introduces several advantages to this age-old gambling tradition.

Advantages of different VIP status levels

BC.Game stands as a beacon of excellence in the gaming world, with its comprehensive VIP program reflecting the platform’s dedication to recognizing and rewarding its most dedicated members. The program, ranging from Bronze to Diamond III levels, embodies BC.Game’s commitment to ensuring every player feels exceptionally valued. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards available across the various tiers of the VIP program.

Bronze level (VIP 2-7)

  • Newcomers at the Bronze level are welcomed with a 1.04 BCD bonus.
  • The ability to initiate Coin Drops in chat, rewarding active participants.

Silver level (VIP 8-21)

  • Silver members receive a bonus of 18.90 BCD, in addition to retaining Bronze level benefits.
  • The capability to tip other players.
  • An extra Lucky Spin is granted with each new VIP level achieved from level 8 onwards.

Gold level (VIP 22-37)

  • A whopping 204.00 BCD bonus per level.
  • Engage in a Recharge to secure a 10-16% bonus, which is calculated as 1% of the wagered amounts over 7 consecutive days.
  • Revel in the benefits of cashback bonuses calculated based on your wager amounts.
  • Amplify your sports betting gains with additional bonuses, where rewards increase in line with your weekly wager amount.

Platinum level I (VIP 38-55)

  • A whopping 1905.00 BCD bonus per level.
  • Members enjoy better cashback rates.
  • Access to a VIP host for personalized service.
  • The privilege of making withdrawals without any fees, alongside all previous level benefits.

Platinum level II (VIP 56-69)

  • The bonus is raised to 5850.00 BCD.
  • Enhanced cashback rates over Platinum I.
  • Continuation of dedicated VIP customer service, with all Platinum benefits maintained.

Diamond level I (SVIP 1-15)

  • Members are treated to a bonus of 30600.00 BCD.
  • The highest cashback rates start from this level.
  • Access to an exclusive SVIP host.
  • Eligibility for participation in valuable prize draws.

Diamond level II (SVIP 16-37)

  • A substantial increase to a 297800.00 BCD bonus.
  • Inclusion in special prize draws, maintaining all previous enhanced SVIP benefits.

Diamond level III (SVIP 38-55)

  • Members receive a staggering bonus of 1462000.00 BCD per level.
  • The apex of cashback rates.
  • Continued access to the most exclusive SVIP benefits and extraordinary prize draws.


Can I withdraw my bonus winnings immediately at BC.Game?

BC.Game indicates that there are wagering requirements to be met by a player before being allowed to effect any withdrawal of winning proceeds from the bonus money, as indicated under the bonus terms and conditions. It indicates the number of times over a bonus amount that must be taken through wagers for money to be allowed to be withdrawn from the account as winnings. Once you have done that, you can withdraw your winnings through the supported methods to withdraw on the platform.

What are the wagering requirements for bonuses at BC.Game, and how do they work?

Wagering requirements mean at BC.Game the number of times you are supposed to place bets of the bonus amount before you can withdraw any win derived from it. For example, if a $100 bonus is attached to a wager requirement of 20x, then you are expected to make total wages of up to a stake of $2000 ($100*20) from the bonus offer in the allowed games before making any withdrawal.

Can I participate in multiple bonuses at the same time on BC.Game?

BC.Game usually allows players to participate in multiple promotions simultaneously, but there are conditions. You may not be able to carry two or more bonuses together at the same time. Wagering requirements will only be added together if there are specific instructions. That means that usually, you would have to fulfill the wagering requirements of the offer at hand before being able to proceed to the next one. Always read the T’s and C’s of every single offer. Some promotions may have specific rules about concurrency with other offers.

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